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Corporate Overview

Franklin Industrial Minerals is a Lhoist Group Company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. From its beginning as Franklin Limestone Company in 1910, Franklin has grown to become a major U.S. supplier of industrial and agricultural minerals. The company operates 9 mining and processing facilities, located in Texas (3), Tennessee (2), Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Crushed and ground limestone is produced in these locations from underground, underwater and open pit mines. Finished products range from ultra-fine 2 micron calcium carbonate fillers to screened road aggregates. Alumina trihydrate is manufactured at the Dalton, Georgia location. Franklin produces and ships over 5,000,000 tons of minerals annually to 3000+ customers in the form of almost 200 different products. Major industries supplied by Franklin include glass, fiberglass, carpet, paint, plastics, rubber, animal feeds, fertilizer, roofing products, construction materials, ceramics, tile, and more. Mineral reserves at each location exceed 40 years.

Franklin's position as a leading U.S. supplier of chemical grade limestone is a result of our dedication to superior product quality, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. Franklin is a growth-oriented company committed to expansion through: 1) acquisition of mineral companies, 2) new market development through internal R&D support, and 3) increased market share through superior quality and service.


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